3 Tips for Living On a Small Budget

Living on a tight budget can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. The following are just a few tips that can help make it a little less difficult.

living on a budget

Embrace Thrift Shopping

Clothes and shoes are a necessity, but they can be expensive to buy brand new. Fortunately, there are many thrift stores that sell used items at a fraction of the cost. While there are some less-than-desirable items, you can find decent stuff if you take the time to look.

Go Over Your Charges

It’s easy to overlook small charges or to forget that a free trial is about to expire. Unfortunately, even in small amounts, these things can add up to you being broke.

Pull up your bank statements and email. Locate any trial memberships you signed up for and determine if they’re necessary. If not, cancel or pause them. Also, check your bank statements for anything you haven’t budgeted for.

Either adapt your budget or cancel the service. This simple step can prevent you from waking up to a bank balance of $0 when you know you had $20 there the night before.

Get Assistance

Everyone needs help from time to time, and there’s no shame in asking for it. If you’re struggling to pay your bills, look for assistance in your area to help.

SNAP or food stamps is a program available for low-income families to help with food expenses. Lifeline phone service Oklahoma-based provides a free phone and a set number of free minutes and texts, so you can cancel an expensive phone plan. If you ask around your community, you can find more programs to help.

These few small tips can make a big difference in your expenses. And as you work to put them into effect, you’ll likely find other ways to help yourself along the way.