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The Eligibility and Requirements to Getting a Green Card

Getting green card eligibility is based on many different things. Most green cards are given through family or work relationships with an American citizen. Still, some green cards are available to people without jobs or relatives in America. The immigration laws are strict, and those who seek green cards must abide by all the American laws and have good intentions to live in America.

Obtaining a Green Card

Getting a green card can be difficult and expensive because of the requirements that need to be met before applying for one. People must have jobs that pay over 100{fb218f11330075e1f02f9ea6bb7335f204ff69359a7c77f76cf457079dcf92e9} of the poverty level for their household size, or they must have an American citizen spouse who has paid taxes for at least two years. Other green cards are given out for humanitarian reasons, but these green cards tend not to give applicants access to federal benefits like welfare programs. A green card lawyer Los Angeles-located will help you start applying for your green card, but it is essential that you understand the eligibility requirements before moving forward.

The Benefits of a Green Card

There are many benefits to having a green card, such as the ability to work and live in America permanently. Green card holders can also travel outside of the country for up to six months at a time without having to worry about losing their green card status. Getting a green card is a great way to start building a life in America and can provide people with a number of opportunities that they may not have otherwise.

Get With an Immigration Lawyer

Contacting an immigration lawyer if you have any questions about getting your green card would be the first step to the process and meeting the eligibility requirements.… Read More

What Does Family Law Entail?

Family law is a diverse legal practice focusing on various family relationships. You’ll rely on it to cover cases like adoption, divorce, child custody, marital separation, and emancipation. In brief, it is a legal branch that helps address domestic issues. Understanding its elements will help you make better decisions when looking for an experienced family lawyer.

Divorce and Marriage Dissolution

Divorce is a tedious process, consuming your time and draining your emotions. This process is better handled by a family lawyer, who will help maneuver through the various obstacles in your marriage dissolution. They will aim at getting the best outcome from the process, whether alimony or settlement.

On many occasions, this lawyer will ensure that the process does not end up in trial. Instead, everything gets settled outside the court. However, you can still rely on divorce attorneys to represent you in court when necessary.

Civil Union and Marriage

Civil union and marriage are a part of family law that concentrates on civil marriage. This branch of family law is aimed at persons entering domestic partnerships, marriages, or civil unions. In such instances, they will require a lawyer to help draw up an excellent prenuptial agreement, which helps protect all the privy parties.

Further, this branch will come in handy when looking for postnuptial agreements. This option is aimed at married people. This way, it becomes much easier to change the contractual status of the assets or liabilities between the parties involved.

Child Custody and Paternity

After divorce, most parents will want to fight for child custody. This process is relatively long and complex. A specialized family lawyer will help you get the best deal when fighting for such custody. Further, they ensure that everything works in the best interest of the child.

At the same time, this element of family law comes in handy when seeking to verify paternity. That means you can indulge a specialized family attorney in helping in the process of proving or disproving paternity. In brief, it helps identify whether one is the biological parent of the child. This way, it becomes easier to claim child custody or child support.

Guardianship and Adoption

Suppose you want to adopt a child. In this case, you’ll need the services of a family attorney. A family lawyer will help you maneuver various intricacies in the adoption process. You can also rely on them to help you find the best and legitimate agencies, where they will fill out all the paperwork accordingly. Whether you want to be a stepparent or are in a same-sex marriage, this attorney will facilitate the entire process.

At the same time, an adoption lawyer will represent you in court. This happens if unforeseen legal issues arise.

Further, this lawyer plays a critical role when looking for guardianship. Remember, you cannot be a legal guardian unless you undergo due process. In addition, this lawyer will help you regain your guardianship role if your children are in a foster care system.

Abuse and Family

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