Common Causes of Car Accidents

Nearly all car accidents in the United States are caused by the carelessness and negligence of one or more drivers. What comes to the issue is that nearly all of those accidents can be avoided. For purposes of your safety and the safety of others, here are some of the top causes of personal injury from car accidents:

  • Speeding: The general speeding statute for each state can be found on their .gov website (for example, Washington state’s is at RCW 46.61.400). Remember that the faster you drive, the less time you have to avoid an accident.
  • Distracted Driving: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that distracted driving is anything that takes your attention away from driving. Distractions might be manual, visible, or cognitive. Keep your hands on the steering wheel, your eyes on the road around you, and your brain on the task at hand.
  • Drunk Driving: Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any combination of the two accounts for a high percentage of traffic accident fatalities and injuries. A designated driver, Uber, Lyft, or taxi going home is a far better choice than getting behind the wheel.
  • Driving Too Fast for Weather Conditions: There’s plenty of nasty weather in and around Seattle. You can be cited for driving too fast for weather conditions even if you’re traveling at a speed slower than the posted speed limit. Always use due care and caution under the circumstances.
  • Red Lights and Stop Signs: There’s nothing complicated about understanding Washington red lights and stop signs. Any car accident attorney Seattle-based will tell you that a red light or stop sign means that you’re required to stop at it.

If you were injured in a car accident as a result of the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, don’t sit on your rights. Contact us at the Phillips Law Firm right away for a free consultation and case evaluation.