How to Get a Bail Bond for Family or Friend

When a situation arrives when a family member or a friend is arrested, the chances are that the bail bond set to be released from jail is going to be too high for the individual to pay on their own.  In those cases, obtaining a bail bond is inevitable.

bail bond

Steps to Take

The first step to take after getting arrested and discovering the bail that is set is unaffordable is to contact a Lancaster county bail bonds agent.  Give them the information needed, such as the defendant’s full name, location of the jail, booking and report number, the accused charges, and any other information about their arrest that they can gather.

The next step is filling out the paperwork.  It will need to be filled out to secure the bail bond agent’s services. Next, payment will need to be made to the agent, which is usually a percentage of the bail set by the judge. Some form of collateral will also be required.  Once that is done, the bond dealer will meet at jail and post pail for the defendant to be released.  Depending on the business of the prison, posting bail could be a lengthy process.

What to Do Next?

Once the defendant is released, the most crucial thing is to make sure they show up to court when they are expected to meet their bail conditions.  Keep things positive, so the risk of fleeing is lessened.  Check in regularly, so they do not feel lonely and provide distractions to keep them away from potential bad influences.

Keep up communication with the bail bond agent and have a strong knowledge of the details of their case and the possible consequences if they are absent from court. It will also be good to provide information about the defendant as they are likely to be found if they flee.

Being a supportive person when a friend or family member is going through this process is the most crucial point.  It could potentially keep them out of jail for good.